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Answered on: 6/10/2009

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Q :

There was a lot of interest and momentum regarding the Minocycline trial, but by all accounts the recruiting for the trial hasn't begun. Is it still being considered?

A :

There continues to be a lot of interest regarding Minocycline in MS. The MS Society of Canada and its MS Scientific Research Foundation are funding a Phase III study of Minocycline in clinically isolated syndrome (CIS), considered to be the first clinically detected event in MS. This Phase III trial is a placebo-controlled double blind trial that will take place across 12 centers in Canada. The trial is headed by Dr. Luanne Metz, Director of the MS Clinic at the University of Calgary. The trial will involve 200 patients and one of the main outcomes will be to determine whether Minocycline can slow or prevent the conversion of CIS to definite MS. In other words, it is hoped to determine whether Minocycline can prevent an attack altogether, or whether it may slow the time to which the second attack occurs. A Phase III trial is a definitive trial in which the data should either lead to the use of Minocycline in CIS, or it may lay to rest the utility of Minocycline in MS. The trial is recruiting patients currently. Because this is a long trial, it is anticipated that results will not be forthcoming for dissemination for about 4 years.

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